Forum rules in english

Viktig läsning för i och med att du skriver ditt första inlägg så anses du ha godkänt reglerna för forumet.

Important information. When you make your first post it is presumed that you have read and approved the rules of this Forum

Forum rules in english

Inläggav gnestakalle » 07 sep 2012 17:03

Welcome to our Forum. Read the rules carefully beacuse when you write your first post you are supposed to have read and approved these rules. The rules are quite simple and logical as we see it and we sincerely hope that we will never have to undertake disciplinary actions.

The major rule is that Swedish law must not be violated. To break Swedish law might result in a warning, banishment from the forum or in very severe cases be reported to the police.

You must also behave respectfully towards other Forum members, Admin and Moderators. This does not mean that you cannot complain or make remarks but even that can be done in a respectful manner. Breaking this rule might result in a warning and in very severe cases result in being banished from the Forum at once.

Pornography, personal attacks, incitement to racial hatred, racist expressions or demeaning expressions are not allowed. Linking to such material is also prohibited. Breaking this rule might result in a warning and in very severe cases result in being banished from the Forum at once.

In general can be said that everything that not belongs to a serious Forum will be looked upon and might a warning could be issued. As examples the following can be mentioned. Repeted "bumping" of threads, spamming with obvious purpose to collect posts or just writing totally irrelevant posts.

Companies and merchants are not allowed to advertise their products or services anywhere in this Forum unless they have Admin´s approval to do so. To get approval Admin has to be addressed in order to estabish an agreement.

There may be a need to adjust or add rules in the future. Please keep updated since it is understood that the Forum member will keep him/herself up-to-date. Changes and added rules are written in red font colour

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